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Up to 3 hours prior to the appointment start time, appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled without incurring fees. After cancelling this appointment, any payments that were made as part of the scheduling process will be fully refunded. 

If you are running late, we give a 10-15 min. grace period for your appointment. Anything after that, your appointment would have to be rescheduled and cancelled. If this appointment has been prepaid, the client will be 100% responsible for the scheduled cost.

For late cancellations within 3 hours of the appointment start time, or client no-shows, the client is responsible for 100% of the scheduled service cost. If a card was provided on booking, this card will be charged for the service cost. If no card was provided on booking, the client will be responsible for paying the service cost prior to booking their next appointment. 

To re-schedule, modify, or cancel your appointment, please do so through links in your email confirmation. 

If you have issues finding a way to modify your appointment personally, please email us at well in advance or call 416-567-9193 during business hours. 

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